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Surfaces – Echoes of home

Exhibited in Forårsudstilingen 2024,
02/02 – 03/03/2024 at Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Copenhagen, Denmark


A captivating tale, where heritage meets texture. An inherited traditional Turkish scarf crafted from thin cotton and embroidered by my grandmother became a profound inspiration. Incorporating a piece of the scarf into handmade paper, the paper's rough texture is left untouched, highlighting the authenticity of the scarf. Touching upon memories that were left behind back at home. The juxtaposition of the scarf's intricate beauty against the rough paper creates a visually compelling narrative.

Textile & Surface Designs

Various selection of woven fabrics that have been designed in between 2017-2021 for different projects and collections in Turkey.

Denim Papers

Exhibited in Istanbul, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles in 2017

The collection of old newspaper clippings, receipts, tickets and other memories were mixed with denim to create a paper collection symbolizing true life experiences. The uniting feature of denim and paper is that they both age through the course of time, increasing in value as they get older. These two materials - both natural in origin - were used both together and in separate contexts in this collection.

Turkish Towel Collection

A series of 100% cotton Turkish towels has been designed in collaboration with a USA-based company. The art direction for the shooting and brand story was done by Süslü in 2022.

Print Designs

Selection of print designs that has been created for different brands in between 2016-2021.